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Why is a Thermo-Hygrometer a Simple but Necessary Tool?

Failure to keep Relative Humidity (RH) levels and Temperature in a proper range can damage hardwood flooring.   High RH causes wood to expand which can result in cupping and crowning.  Low RH causes wood to contract and results in shrinking, cracking, and gaps between the wood.

Any of these situations will result in customers that are disappointed in your flooring (whether it was your fault or not!)  These issues can be prevented with an inexpensive Thermo-Hygrometer. 

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TH1900 box 375
TH1900 Color Logo Here 500
Full Color Wording
  • New Feature:  Stores MIN and MAX Values
    • Recalled/Reset at the touch of a button.
  • Reduce Costly Customer Service Calls with a Proactive Approach.
  • Great "Thank-you" Gift for Every Customer.
  • Discrete Size and Quality Appearance:
    • Homeowners won't mind keeping it out in the open!
  • Provide Your Customers with the TH1901 Save My Flooring Thermo-Hygrometer.
    • Customers can protect their Hardwood Flooring investment.
  • Brand the TH1901 Thermo-Hygrometer:
    • Place your logo on the unit or on the High Quality Gift Box.
    • Remind homeowners and guests where they bought their flooring!
  • TH1901 Thermo-Hygrometer Improves Customer Satisfaction and Reduces Costly Claims.



Competitive Pricing - Save with Quantity Orders!

100 Blank units $11.00 a unit
100 units Full Color Logo $12.00 a unit
500 units Full Color Logo $11.00 a unit
1000 units Full Color Logo $10.00 a unit

** Brand the box - Call (419) 861 - 1030 for a Quote **

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