Thermo-Hygrometers for Windows

One Inexpensive Tool Can Improve Customer Satisfaction and Prevent Costly Claims.

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By providing your customers with an inexpensive EDTM Thermo-Hygrometer, you empower them to maintain the right conditions in their homes to protect their investment in new windows and wood floors.

Why is a Thermo-Hygrometer Necessary?

Failure to keep Relative Humidity (RH) levels and Temperature in a proper range can damage wood window frames and cause condensation on the glass. High RH causes water to form on the windows leading the customer to believe their new windows are defective. High RH causes wood to expand, resulting in cupping and even buckling in some situations. Low RH causes the wood to contract which can cause excessive shrinking, cracking, and gaps between the wood.

Condensation on the windows will lead to customers who are unhappy with your product and costly return visits to explain to the customer their house's humidity is too high. These issues could have been prevented with an inexpensive EDTM Thermo-Hygrometer.

TH1901 | Thermo-Hygrometer

TH1901 | Thermo-Hygrometer

One Simple Tool Can Improve Customer Satisfaction and Prevent Costly Claims. By providing your c..


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